Detroit Crime: Drug Operation Busted


Source: Breit Bart
Posted By: Metro Rise Correspondent

The City of Detroit is no stranger to high crime rates when it comes to shootings, robberies, and other related incidents and crime has been on the rise in one area in particular, known as District 7 or Downtown Detroit.

Alexander Smith, Detroit resident and political advocate was able to track the suspicious activities that occurred in his neighborhood and pinpoint specific details to help the Detroit Police Department further their investigation.

Smith said “last week, a person who stays in the same building as me was brutally beaten by four assailants who also stole his mobile device.”

Alexander reached out to his constituents at DPD and was able to help the victim file a police report. This past Saturday (12/5),  DPD sent out multiple units to the address and made countless arrests on behalf of the Detroit Criminal Justice Department with assistance from the Smith Renaissance Administration’s intelligence.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig spoke on “Fox & Friends” Saturday discussing the recent tragedy in San Bernardino, California saying,

“here’s our reality. When we’re faced with a violent situation, when our community — you can use San Bernardino as an example, you know, once the first shot is fired, and we’re not there, and this incident, I know it took less than a minute, and the amount of carnage, it might have been just that one law-abiding citizen who has a concealed weapon. It could have been a different outcome.”


The Metro Rise will continue to monitor crime in Metro Detroit and continue to update you on projects hosted by the Smith Renaissance Administration. Sources close to us are sharing exclusive details on a MAJOR project that is currently underway for the City of Detroit, this project is already getting the attention of several sponsors.


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