Music Review: But You Caint Use My Phone


Posted By: Lee 

“Hello, It’s Me”- Isley Brothers
“Mr. Telephone Man – New Edition
“Tyrone” – Erykah Badu
“U Don’t Have To Call” – Usher
“Hotline Bling” – Drake

The songs referenced, revamped and rendered that spirits this mixtape.

Bees and radiation of cell phones…

We use our cell phones everyday, severely, for everything. To call our friends, to call off, booty calls (lol), online dating, music, PHOTOS, GPS / navigation, recording, editing, Snapchat (the best social media outlet ever), Uber, account balances, streaming music, literally everything!  It’s so smart and not corny at all to mention that! It’s so on time.

This is our life without mentioning it but it is mentioned within this mixtape. It has so much of a high quality with hints of knowledge with the linear thread of bees vs the radiation of cellular devices. The re-creation of the digital female voice we are used to hearing from the telephone operator we don’t use anymore is all through the mix taking you back without it feeling old and instead a lot of fun. So much momentum in Drake’s “Hotline Bling” in which my opinion does a great justice to his version.  It’s a great soulful and lengthy mix in “Cel U Lar Device.” 
“Phone Down” is a slow cooked banger and you almost wait for someone to come in rapping on this one, such a great feeling and mellow vibe that you wish it could last forever.  Roots of this album take you back to Usher, New Edition, the revamping and extended ending to “Tyrone,” and the grandest and most surprising feature on “Hello” with 3 Stacks (Andre 3000), a dream comeback collaboration! It was meant to be and everyone loves it! A great rendition by the Isley brothers!

Keynotes are sung in lines where you could say girl but instead it’s “squirrel” almost as a metaphor for any ‘special’ individual which also hist home indefinitely for my coworkers but knowing them not even coming across this review, I won’t go any further into that.

My favorite track happens to be “What’s Yo Phone Number” — with a lot of ears ringing thinking it’s Drake on the verse! My favorite part of the song is the middle where she’s peddling over her lines and you can’t make out exactly what she’s saying and the beat drops without all the other elements and instruments. Again, it’s sooo soulful. This is a stoner’s album or better yet anyone who likes to escape with sound and lasting melodies and harmony.

Although, she may never have to prove herself or redeem herself in anyway, it feels like it shows you how important our artists that have been in the game 10 years +  and how they are still in the mix and being listened to. Just because you don’t hear from them in the medium of releasing singles and albums doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention. They’re still alive like the bees that that are being maneuvered by the radiation of cell phones.

I don’t do ratings, but if this was on a scale it’s definitely a 10/10, it also helps that it’s not too long but not short and sweet. And personally, I enjoy falling asleep to this beautiful piece of art. Thank you @fatbellybella.

“If you’re calling to get tickets in a city near you and you know she don’t fuck with you like that, press 9.”

If you love music, get this and press play!

Oh and btw, Drake is NOT featured on this mixtape.

Lee’s Top 5 Picks:
. “Cel U Lar Device”
. “Phone Down”
. “What’s Yo Phone Number”
. “Hello”



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