Trending Now: DPS Teachers Take to Twitter Demanding Changes


Source: Metro Times &
Posted By: Tyler B. (Metro Rise Host)

Just after Detroit Public Schools teachers demonstrated their concerns for better school conditions by a sick-out protest, teachers are now taking to Twitter to further spread awareness for their cause.

Using the Twitter handle @teachDetroit, the teachers have been posting photos showing the horrid environment where DPS students are expected to learn.

Below are some of the photos that feature crumbling walls and floors, mold, leaking ceilings, and other horrible conditions:


  • “No empowered school board. No justice. No peace. This is what you eat for breakfast. Moldy bread thing.”


  • “No drinking water I guess?”



  • “Does your school look like this?”

For more updates from DPS teachers and the conditions of these schools follow @teachDetroit on Twitter and follow Metro Rise @MetroRise.


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