Detroit: Teachers Protests During Obama’s Visit

Posted By: Tyler B. (Metro Rise Host)

President Barack Obama visited Detroit, Wednesday afternoon to visit the 2016 North American International Auto Show. While car enthusiasts and auto show attendees were enjoying browsing the pricey cars indoors, many teachers, staff members and people who support change for Detroit Public Schools were busy protesting outside Cobo Center.

This is the second time, teachers planned a “sick-out” in order to demonstrate their concerns for poor building conditions and the lack of materials to provide their students with an adequate learning environment, which overall jeopardizes the future of these innocent children.

The sick-out closed 88 schools on Wednesday, forcing nearly 45,000 students to miss school. Darnell Earley, the state-appointed emergency manager for Detroit’s Public Schools called the sick-out “a publicity stunt” also saying “sooner or later, the families who have been so adversely affected by these sick-outs will express their displeasure and voice their disdain of these actions.” according to WDIV Local 4 News.

Detroit Public Schools are asking that the teachers discontinue the sick-outs, return to class, and await the State of Michigan’s plan to help these struggling schools. DPS attempted to file a restraining order against the teachers to prevent future teacher sick-outs but Judge Cynthia Diane Stephens ruled against the request, which allows teachers to continue with the sick-outs if they chose to.

Mayor Mike Duggan met with White House official Cecilia Munoz and gave her a tour of some of the neighborhoods on Wednesday, after meeting with Detroit’s delegation in the Legislature to work on their strategy to try and improve conditions in DPS schools. Mike Duggan said “the schools are only getting worse. Lansing needs to act.”

The Metro Rise has reached out to DPS teachers, however DPS has filed a gag order naming all of DFT, and others, with the courts. It was denied, however a hearing for show cause is set to take place for Monday. This basically means, no one should be talking or giving interviews at this point in the game. Stay tuned to the Metro Rise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for updates as more information becomes available.


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