Music Review: Rihanna’s “Anti”


Posted by: Lee 

Top 5 Recommendations:
“Kiss It Better”
“Same Ol’ Mistakes”

“All that I wanted from you, was to give me something I never had. Something you never seen.” This album is elevation in the most “treading slowly” way possible. It is definitely more R&B than I expected with the elements of trap hop — thanks to Travis Scott. “James Joint” and “Higher” are wonders of work and very short, sweet and to the point. This latest Ri Ri album deserves a listen for all ears, not just her fans that have been waiting for this for awhile now. It’s a great move from the past three highly successful albums. The high tech rhythm and blues really set this album aside, even the title of the album “Anti”.  She literally is ANTI due to what was expected for this go-around.

“Let me cover your shit in glitter? I can make it go oh.” “Desperado” is a highlight within the album basically pleading for the kind of lover we probably only get once in a lifetime and she sings all about this on this trap take of a bluesy tale.

You get influence of Stevie Wonder and Thundercat in her songs “James Joint” and in the dangerous version of all the oldie classics in her song “Higher”.  She really chooses to showcase her voice in both of those songs. “Kiss It Better” is definitely one that I’ll be jamming out to. “Work” is one of my favorites ever since the very first time I heard it, it’s smooth and features hints of her Caribbean background. I was hoping for the late BHMM on here but this mood throughout is very subtle and mysterious even after a couple takes. If anything is jumping it’s my other favorite “Pose”. Which bad girl Ri Ri sings this one…
“Pose bitch”.


“Woo” encapsulates a very grungy and futuristic jazz alley cat groove. The rhythm of this makes you imagine what it would sound like live or just having visuals to follow it during a concert. This one has to be my very, very favorite! (And you can definitely tell that Travis Scott had his hands on this one) It sounds like it was just redone with her vocals from something he didn’t flesh out or use for his recent work “Rodeo”.  Not to take away at all from ANTI’s shine, but just to appreciate where some of the creations came from this.

“Didn’t they tell you I was a savage. Fuck your white horse and the carriage.” This is the most chill album she’s ever released! And of course, I can’t forget to mention the collaboration with the wonderful Sza on the opener of “Consideration”. Again, a subtle but yet important message which prances around the tone of the album and maybe even the tone of her life, when it comes to being in the spotlight. They did a great job together! It should read ‘duet’ and not just a feature. It’s beautiful, almost a Marina and the Diamonds or Lana Del Rey vibe; pleasant, swooshing and stern. ANTI is pleasing both listening and sonic-ally. Just purchase the damn album, it’s worth it.

“Sex with me is amazing, but with her it’ll feel alright.”  “Goodnight Gotham” on the deluxe version closes out the elements of this fresh piece of work and the tone. It’s a great instrumental ending. I enjoy this immensely since the afternoon when I first played it. I was even humming “Work” all day while being stuck at work and I couldn’t wait to get this review to you guys. This was my first-time doing a quick run through of the album, I usually let it sizzle for a month or two, but I’d like to thank her and her team. And now we anxiously wait, for her tour and to see how much of a bad-ass show she puts on!


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