Detroit: Ellen, Justin Bieber & Lowe’s Help Spain Elementary School


Source: CNN
Posted By:Tyler B. (Metro Rise Host)

Talk show Host Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Bieber and Lowe’s are teaming up to give back  to Spain Elementary Middle School after hearing about the crumbling conditions the students and staff have been forced to face.

The talk show host announced that the Lowe’s chain of home-improvement stores will donate $500,000 to repairing the school, including $50,000 in new computers and a $100 Visa gift card to every teacher and staff member.

Ellen said “I wanted to surprise you. I love your school, I love what you stand for” in a video she posted online to the school’s community. Think that’s overwhelming? THINK AGAIN. DeGeneres than brought out pop singer Justin Bieber, who made a surprise appearance in the video to announce that he will be donating a $1 for every ticket sold for his suburban Detroit concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills on April 25th.

DeGeneres also created a GoFundMe page where people can donate money to the school. As of Friday afternoon, it attracted more than $50,000 in donations. This aid is coming in after recent media coverage exposed dangerous conditions at Spain Elementary and protests its teachers staged that resulted in school closing for two days.


Teachers and staff members have complained to Detroit’s public school system, saying the conditions are threatening the students’ health and future. Reports from teachers say they have seen roaches and mice crawling on the floors, the school’s playground and gym are unusable, so students bounce balls in the hallway instead of playing during your typical recess. One of the school nurses, has noticed a pattern of students suffering from nose bleeds, vomiting and stomach aches due to changes in temperature and other conditions.

Thanks to DeGeneres, Lowe’s and Bieber, Spain Elementary now has a chance to rebuld and become a proper and powerful environment for its students. Before anything was donated, Principal Ronald Alexander expressed his love for DeGeneres.

“Of all the people in the whole world, I am the happiest principal on earth,” he told the TV host. “I love you. We love you. I love you, again.”




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