Today’s Talker: Former Mayor’s Thoughts on Detroit


Posted By: Tyler B. (Metro Rise Host)
Source: WXYZ Channel 7

Detroit Police Chief James Craig is speaking out publicly after former Detroit mayor Dave Bing made a comment stating that Detroit is going to be the next Ferguson, referring to the recent protests.

DPD Chief James Craig is making it clear that he wants Detroit’s former mayor to know that he’s offended.

While speaking at a policy conference, Dave Bing made a comment saying that Detroit is just an incident away from Ferguson, Baltimore or Chicago.

This comment hit close-to-home for Police Chief James Craig.

“To make a statement that suggests we are one incident away from Ferguson, Mayor Bing, where have you been?” said Chief Craig. “Have you not watched the transition? I get that it didn’t happen on your watch, but it’s happening now.”

Since being hired, Craig has been helping create stronger relationships between residents and police officers, including his newest project a Neighborhood Police Officer Program.

Alexander Smith, Detroit resident and political advocate shared his thoughts on Bing’s comment saying: “While, Detroit is a big city just like Ferguson, Baltimore and Chicago, our police related deaths are significantly lower than the cities mentioned during Bing’s address. In addition, Detroit has rioted and protested in the past for different causes and has suffered the consequences. In that suffering, Detroiter’s have learned to take alternative paths such as peaceful protests and boycotts. While, rioting will never be inevitable, I believe that our community has already been through what those cities are experiencing, however I’m sure our previous mayor has extensive background knowledge of our great city.”



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