Opinional Ed: A New Era for Detroit?

New Era Detroit

New Era Detroit? What can I say? Do I agree with everything they do, NO — but I do believe in the message they are putting out there and spreading in the neighborhood streets of Detroit.

They are a great representation of unity, unity can take you far. It’s how we got where we are today, but we have been at a stand still since the 80s because we want to unite together. I keep seeing people upset on Facebook about cops killing us (African Americans) everyday. The reason we don’t succeed is because we don’t come together as a race.

New Era Detroit is setting the platform for us to do this. They get results, and from what I seen they don’t promote violence. Yes, some of their situations get hostile, but look what they’re up against. They have to stand their ground, united we stand — divided we fall.

One thing I love about NED is they are from the hood. They see first hand what it’s going down. They went and plucked some hood dudes and took a stand for something. It’s not often young black men care to be different, or stand out, or go against the norm. It also doesn’t seem like they really care what people think about it either. Most black men in the hood are still trying to figure out how they gonna get the new J’s that’s coming out on Saturday.

Everybody know it’s frowned upon to be different from everybody else. You get talked about and harassed. It seems like everyday babies are dying in the city, so we need some type of code, standard, or something because ya’ll just don’t care who die anymore.

In so many words, what I’m saying is change is hard but it’s always needed. Let’s not be so scared because what they’re doing is different from the norm, because the norm is not working. And if you don’t like what they’re doing than start your own movement. Let’s stop just talking and take action. Get in your community and actually make a difference. Go pick a park and clean it up! Start a basketball team to coach and do something productive. No more talk, let’s take action.

About the Author:

Hope Watkins, is a graduate of Roseville High School in 2010. I am the owner of nonprofit organization Gladiator Sports in Detroit. I also am a proud owner of a floor, catering, and t-shirt company.






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