Who’s Justin Bieber Feuding With Now?


Source: Hot New Hip-Hop
Posted By: Tyler B. (Metro Rise Host)

Justin Bieber is back at it again…this time the feud involves the Bieb’s and Desiigner.

Desiigner is known for his catchy debut single, “Panda” — which is currently the No. 1 song in the country, and also for the insane energy he gives when he performs that song. Last night, Desiigner performed at 1 OAK nightclub in NYC, and in the middle of “Panda,” he raged his way into the VIP section, which did not go over well with one VIP member: Justin Bieber.

So apparently, while Desiigner was performing he kept repeatedly stepping on Justin’s toes. Bieber shoved Desiigner out of the way not once, but TWICE. Desiigner can be seen looking back and responding to Bieber after getting pushed, and TMZ claims that he tried to yell out something of an apology to Justin.

Due to Desiigner’s age (being only 19 years old), he was escorted out of the club after his performance ended. TMZ is reporting that he wasn’t escorted out because of the incident with Bieber but simply because he isn’t of legal age to be a patron at the night club.


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