Press Play: United Through Music Not Divided Against


Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

It’s safe to say that we can all agree that, to some extent, we love music. We don’t want to admit it (I personally wouldn’t be caught dead rolling through the hood bumping, for example, Daft Punk, or giving the DJ all sorts of crazy looks when one song doesn’t mix well with another…..but don’t mind that part). We may be either way too passionate or not passionate at all about it. We may say one thing but then we go home and open up iTunes or Soundcloud or whatever app you may use and vibe out for hours at a time, usually with not a care in the world and sometimes as a guilty pleasure.

That being said, I ask you this;

Why can’t we be united through music instead of divided against it?

You have heard about the tragedy in Orlando, correct? (I mean, how could you not? It’s all over the news with more developments dropping almost every other hour). Hundreds of people, gathered together in a what I can assume a large space enjoying the one thing that is universally accepted by everyone; music. You can say it was only for a few hours at a time, but that’s not the point here; the main point here is THEY WERE ENJOYING MUSIC (until dumbass ruined it for everyone). Think about it for a second; so many different things out there in the world that everyone have the freedom to choose, yet the number one thing that brings us together, the number one thing we all have in common, the number one thing that draw out raw, undisputed emotion either way it goes, is music. How ironic is it to see that the one thing that is intended to bring us together, easily draws us apart in a matter of seconds (and it’s basically based on what style of music it is, which I find silly because all music is pretty much the same, regardless of what genre it is or who produces it)

I see it all the time in an everyday setting. Don’t like Hip-Hop? You must be some kind of weird (or other four-letter words you can think of). Not into Dance? You “suck” at life. Despise Alternative? You had a rough childhood. And to be honest, I don’t get it….not a single part…..because, as I mentioned earlier, music’s main purpose is to bring us together. Manually dividing us apart because of what music it is doesn’t serve a purpose; it’s almost as if you’re arguing over which brand ketchup is better (assuming you eat ketchup to begin with. If you don’t, read a book and really expand your taste buds). 


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