The Secret to Living Longer — EXPOSED


Source: DrinkWire.Liquor.Com
Posted By:Tyler B. (Metro Rise Host)

New Jersey resident Agnes Fenton turned 111 years old, and that’s pretty good for a woman who credits her longevity to drinking three beers and a shot of whiskey every day for 70 years.

Agnes was born on August 1, 1905, and throughout her life she has had several jobs from running a restaurant, managing a cafeteria and working as a nanny. But her biggest encounter with fame was back when she was 105. During an interview with ABC World News, she shared that she drank three cans of Miller High Life every day, as well as the occasional “good shot of booze,” with her favorite being Johnnie Walker Blue.

Believe it or not, Agnes said she was prescribed her three-beer-a-day habit by a doctor back in 1943. He said: “Agnes, you must drink three Miller High Lifes a day.” 

We’re told Agnes has stopped drinking due to the recommendation of her caregivers and now she’s crediting her longevity to none other than — God.



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