#BlackLivesMatter: Rapper Says He Won’t Perform at Detroit Venue


Source: Thump.Vice.Com
Posted By: Tyler Beltz (Metro Rise Host)

In the light of the recent shootings, Rapper Vic Mensa, DJs Hunter Siegel and Bixel Boys have all announced they will no longer be performing their scheduled concerts at Populux.

The local music venue is experiencing major backlash after allegedly posting anti- Black Lives Matter-related content on their social media last night.

A picture was posted on the venue’s Twitter account including the hashtag #fuckblacklivesmatter. Also seen on their page was a retweet of similarly incendiary sentiments from former Congressman Joe Walsh (which has also since been deleted). There has also been a call on fans and musicians to boycott the club.

Bixel  Boys took to their Facebook saying “Divisiveness, judgement and ignorance have no place here… Our country is in need of healing, and we cannot support an establishment (or any institution for that matter) that undermines those efforts with ignorance.”

Populux is claiming their Twitter account was hacked, writing on their Facebook: “The tweets, political views and hate messaging that were posted to our Twitter account in the last 24 hours in no way represents our feelings, outlook, or political positions.”

According to the Metro Times, a demonstration will be held in front of Populux tonight at 9 pm.


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