Press Play: The Meghan Trainor Revolution


Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

Right. Okay.

Remember when you were in high school, and some person (guy or girl) crushed on you real hard, almost to the point where they would throw everything in their arsenal at you to get you to consider dating them? Remember that relentless pursuit where, no matter how many times you told them “No”, they kept egging on….and on…..and on……thinking that one of these days you’ll cave in?

Well, that’s Meghan Trainor’s “breakout” hit “NO” (and I don’t get why this is capitalized, I think we get the message, thank you very much)

Basically, this song (as well as the rest of her album) is……interesting to say the least. A huge departure from her do-wop debut, yes, but it’s interesting how her whole style changed up from one wave to the other and no, before you begin, it’s not because she “wants to tap in to a new audience” (she already have the audience to begin with, her very first single was THE SONG of the summer at one point in time). “Interesting” because we all knew that she was gonna switch up at some point in her career, we just didn’t know it was gonna be this big

And to be honest, after a minute of actually listening to her project, it’s really refreshing to see growth in an artist because, now and days, you don’t really see that in music. It’s normally the status quo with some artist; you find a formula, stick to that formula, maybe change beats, but still have the same formula towards what you do. That gets tiresome sometimes; I’m pretty sure half of you don’t wanna hear the same song but arranged differently (or the same arrangement but different lyrics). Honestly, we need more diversity in music; it’s what makes it more exciting. It’s what make people tune in to the radio every day. It’s what gets people talking.

And I guess that’s what Ms. Trainor accomplished here and I give her props for that….but my challenge now is for other artists to do the same, not just for one album. It’s proven that people will enjoy what you are offering when it’s a standout from the rest of the pack. Give the people something to talk about

Or you can be the guy I mentioned at the beginning…..your choice



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