LGBTQ: Video Goes Viral of Detroit Man Threatened With a Gun Outside Liquor Store


Source: Mic.Com
Posted By: Metro Rise Staff

A video uploaded Tuesday evening on Twitter showing a man brandishing a weapon and threatening another man outside of a liquor store in Detroit. The caption alongside the video states “I hate gay niggas.”

While it is unclear if the man being threatened in the video identifies as a member of LGBTQ communities, the man inside the car hurls slurs at the man leaving the liquor store before pointing his gun at him.

“He gay as hell,” the man in the video says, sitting inside of the vehicle. “Dick-in-the-booty-ass niggas.”

When the man left the liquor store, the man inside of the vehicle asks him to come closer. When the man walks up to the car, the man inside then points a gun at him and tells him to “take off your motherfucking pants.”

No one was injured during the exchange. According to BLAC Detroit, the incident occurred at the Brightmoor Liquor Store, which sits on the corner of Lyndon Street and West Outer Drive.

The individual that uploaded the disgraceful video showed no remorse after the video was met with much criticism from those denouncing his actions online.


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