Press Play: Lady Gaga is Disappointing Her Little Monsters

Lady Gaga 2015 Golden Globes Awards
Posted By:
Matt Hollidaye

Lady Gaga has disappointed me…

I needed to get that out of the way so that 1) I wouldn’t receive any hate tweets from the Little Monsters on this is published, and 2) You’ll understand my pain because, yes, I was once, and still is, a Little Monster (in a large part because I still own a physical copy of her second album “Born This Way”…it’s somewhere, but I still have it).

The Fame, The Fame Monster and Born This Way will forever be held in high regard as her greatest works. There wasn’t a single song on either of those three LP’s that was were disappointing (in fact, there are several that I have on my iPhone to this day because they were that damn good, so much so that I even mixed them a couple times in my live shows).

I’ll go even further to say — that I literally sang along to several of her earlier hits (still do, don’t judge me). Going furthermore,  when I was hosting a radio show back at Ball State University in Indiana, I did an ENTIRE HOUR DEDICATED TO HER. You couldn’t me anything in regards to her and her music.

I can’t name one song off “ARTPOP” or her latest singles that I enjoy.
That hurts.
That hurts a lot.

And what’s more painful is the fact that she’s a great actor too, (in regards to her acting stint in American Horror Story).

So the question is, what happened? Why are we at this point where I find Lady Gaga nearly unlistenable? Where did that magic go? Where do we go from here? Am I the only one that feels this way? I mean, I can’t be the only one; I’ve talked to several people and we’re all echoing the same sentiment (a phrase that I didn’t wanna say about one of my favorites).

Lady Gaga has…dare I say it…lost it.
And that hurts.
That hurts more than saying anything else.

Her performance on Saturday Night Live with R. Kelly didn’t help either.


I wanna enjoy Lady Gaga again. I wanna feel the excitement that I felt when “Just Dance” debuted a few summers ago. I wanna be able to blast her music as I drive down the street with a huge smile on my face saying in my head “NOW THIS IS DOPE”. I don’t wanna sit here and ask “why is this even on?” I don’t wanna watch AHS and see her and then shake my head afterwards and wonder why her music doesn’t sound as good as it used to.

In my humble opinion, once you reach elite status to me, everything you put out is gold and only YOU can destroy that.

“ARTPOP” did it for me.
And that hurts.
The fact that I’m not the only one, Hurts.

So never mind me, I’ll just go put on “Bad Romance” and cry myself to sleep, hoping that one day this magic will return. Because everyone deserves a second chance right?











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