WTF of The Day: Pokemon Go Player Arrested

William Wilcox, left, photo art of Pokemon Go, right.

Source: Fox2Detroit.Com
Posted By: Tyler Beltz (Metro Rise Host)

Pokemon Go has helped the Milford Police Department make an arrest without them having to do much of anything, at all to be honest. The chief of Milford Police is calling this one of the ‘funniest cases’ he’s ever seen.

The smartphone app is taking the world by storm and everywhere you look — people are catching Pokemon’s. But one man ended up getting caught himself.

Chief Thomas Lindberg said the man made it easy – he just showed up. “He made our job much easier for us that day,” Lindberg said.

The Milford Police Department knows all about the game, due to it’s popularity, detectives were assigned to learn all about it. They even have a character that people can catch right outside by the flag pole.

They probably would’ve never guessed that the app would have lured a criminal to their front door. But William Wilcox,  was wearing his PJs and searching for Pokemon at 10:30 at night. Wilcox is a repeat offender with a warrant out for his arrest.

“It was a misdemeanor warrant for a failure to appear on a breaking and entering charge,” Lindberg said. “They approached him. Took him in custody without incident and he admitted he was trying to catch the character at the flagpole.”




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