Press Play: The Kardashians Strike Again


Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

“Sometimes, it’s best to not say anything. Better to be silent than to be made a fool”

I’m sure someone in history said this (I don’t feel like looking up who said it right now, this is just too juicy to ignore). But whomever did, probably forgot to tell Taylor Swift this, and if this blog is my way of doing it, then pass this message to her ASAP!

By now, you’ve heard about Kim Kardashian leaking a conversation between her husband Kanye West and Taylor Swift concerning West’s hit song “Famous”. In this conversation, Kanye raps part of the line to her (the beginning portions of it, not the whole bar). Hearing what she said in that conversation, it seems as if she agreed with what was being said. It seems as if she co-signed for West to use that line, that she was “ecstatic” on hearing how the finished product would turn out

Well…the finished product is out….and, in typical Taylor Swift fashion, she is upset about it:

She took to Instagram (of all places) and posted a long message with the caption “That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, and Kim Kardashian posts it on the internet”. In this message, she questions whether or not she actually approved that lyric being said (the conversation clearly shows her doing so), him promising her that he would play the song but never did (if I recall, you were cool with the song when it came out months ago), her being falsely painted as a liar (that part isn’t false), and ending it with “I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I have never asked to be a part of, since 2009”

Oh Taylor, must you make things so hard?

If anyone heard that phone call, regardless of what length of the verse he told you, you agreed to let him use your name in the song. The fact that you acted surprised that he mentioned you, then say that you had no idea, then pretend that you aren’t comfortable with it– even though you clearly knew beforehand and were okay with it– says a lot about you as a person.

This is the same person that made songs, subliminally, about her previous relationships and even put out a diss song to Katy Perry (yes, people, “Bad Blood” was a diss to Katy Perry), so I don’t understand why she’s doing all of this. I don’t understand why, in a world where names get dropped almost instantaneously, you would turn around and do this and on a grand fashion, and on social media where your fans as well as Kanye’s fans, as well as people who probably don’t like you or your music (or both) have access to it.

The Court of Public Opinion can sometimes be harsh, intentionally and unintentionally; the reaction and backlash on Twitter proves just that (and will probably continue all day today as well as of writing this).


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