LGBTQ: Nickelodeon is Breaking Barriers & Featuring a Gay Bi-Racial Same Sex Couple


Source: Variety
Posted By: Tyler Beltz (Metro Rise Host)

Television network Nickelodeon is gearing up for their newest show — the “Loud House”.

The children’s network has newly introduced their first ever bi-racial gay couple on their newest animated show. The series centers around the life of Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters. This will be the first time Nickelodeon has featured a same-sex couple.

The couple, voiced by Wayne Brady and Michael McDonald, made their debut on the July 20th episode “Overnight Success.”  Nickelodeon confirmed to Variety that the couple is Clyde McBride’s parents, Harold (Brady) and Howard (McDonald) McBride.

The series doesn’t make a huge deal about the parents sexuality, it focuses on the protective nature of the McBrides after dropping off their son at the Loud residence for a slumber party.
Reactions on Twitter from viewers have been overwhelmingly positive.


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