Press Play: Dear MTV…


Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

Did you know that MTV doesn’t play music videos like they used to back in the ’90s?

Oh you did?

Cool. Because this blog is for you:


Never mind the fact that the music landscape is over saturated (for lack of a better term) with artists that either won’t last for longer than a year or aren’t recognizable after so long; there used to be a time where MTV was THEE SOURCE for all things music. You had it all there; Hip-Hop, R&B, Top 40, Dance… had it all, 24 hours a day, under one roof. Sure, you also had your side shows here and there, but with MTV, IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC. Nothing more. Nothing less. And I’m not talking about snippets here and there; I’m talking about WHOLE MUSIC VIDEOS, some from your favorites, some from new artists that would become mainstream a few years later. You had Throwbacks. You had TRL. You had it ALL!

Why can’t MTV play more damn music videos?

I get it, the target demo has changed. Most people would want to go to YouTube and watch a new music video (on-demand nonetheless) or hear audio of a new song. Most people don’t want to sit through commercials that last three minutes or so. But still, most people don’t have $100 to pay for the most prestige cable package. And most people (most, not all) don’t wanna wait till three years later for a music video to drop.

(Also, most people don’t have MTV Jams, Hits, Tr3s, mtvU, and so on and so forth)

I’ll be blunt with you….MTV’s current programming suck. We don’t wanna see 16-year-old kids pregnant. We don’t wanna see movies that aren’t relevant to your mission statement. We don’t wanna see a group of people running around and getting drunk. We don’t wanna see any of that. WE WANNA SEE MUSIC VIDEOS!

After all, aren’t you “Music Television”? Your name speaks for itself; MUSIC. TELEVISION. The key word here is “MUSIC”! Give the people what they want, and that formula is simple; MORE MUSIC

Because this new generation needs a voice that caters to them, not a pregnant girl who can’t stay out of jail. 


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