Press Play: Really!??

by @Philippe Wuyts Photography

Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

I need for everyone that’s reading this to do me a favor if you have the time to do so (if you don’t have the time, or if you already don’t pay attention to anything, this doesn’t apply to you)

Scroll through your radio presets (just a quick scan, you don’t have to stay on that particular station). Make a mental note of what you hear as you scan through because this will be important for my next point, and will pretty much summarize this blog entry

Notice…..there’s no EDM stations anywhere (and no, iHeartRadio DOES NOT COUNT because it’s not on local radio, it’s on an app)

I mean, sure, you have your DJs that do mix this genre. You do have clubs that almost exclusively spin this music. You have your festivals and whatnot. But THERE IS NO DEDICATED STATION FOR THIS GENRE


Especially considering the fact that the market is there to support this format should it land on someone’s radio dial, there is literally no excuse as to why there is no EDM-exclusive station. And don’t give me that “We just wanna turn up” mess…..I get it, we all wanna turn up, but damn…..MILLIONS of people turn up at Movement every year; various clubs sell out every weekend; some of your favorite artists are huge when it comes to remixes and mash-ups; most of your favorite DJs have at least one EDM mix laying somewhere on Soundcloud (assuming they didn’t take it down yet)

So……why no EDM station?

You’re missing out on some of the most amazing music you couldn’t hear anywhere else. You’re missing out on those underground and mainstream hits that really hype the crowd up. You’re missing out on acts like Krewella, Girl Talk, Bassnectar, Flux Pavilion, David Guetta (before he went all Pop on us), Deadmau5, GTA, Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, Disclosure, MGMT, Manufactured Superstars….

(You’re probably reading that list like “Who the hell are these people?”)

Point is… me a boring whatever-four-letter-word-you-come-up-with, but sometimes, I would like to hear something different, something that I can enjoy for the ride home at 4 AM should it come down to that, NOT something that’s too hardcore for my tastes or something I can’t figure out the words to

Just like MTV needs to play more damn videos, we need a full-fledged EDM radio station,

Make it happen. And make it happen FAST, before I have kids.


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