Press Play: Dear Mr.Moss (Bow Wow) – “You Gotta Do Better”


Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

It’s true when they say money really does change people

I didn’t quite understand this concept for the longest time until recently. I always thought, “No, wait a second. How does a small price of paper wth numbers on it change how people carry themselves? That small piece of paper can’t have power over one person in the magnitude that it does……it’s absolutely madness if it does. Why would anyone let that happen to them?”

Boy was I wrong, because money really does change people

Look no further than Shad Moss (you may know him as Bow Wow and before then, Lil’ Bow Wow, or Mr. 106 & Park when he dominated the show)

By now, if you haven’t really been paying attention on Twitter, he recently was featured in the news for all the wrong reasons. The first reason; denouncing his African-American roots by saying he “doesn’t identify with the struggles of Black people and the #BlackLivesMatter movement”. The second; admitting he was contemplating suicide after writing his third album because he “done it all before and wasn’t feeling it”. The third (and the reason why I’m writing this); denying interviews, the most recent one being with us just this past week (peep it on @TheTylerBeltz if you missed it)


With all due respect, Mr. Moss, whether you like it or not, whether you want to accept this or if you wanna fight it, these two things you cannot deny….

  1. YOU ARE AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN MALE FROM COLUMBUS, OH, which means you, by default, identify with the struggles of the Black community because you grew up with it. Not saying you had a rough childhood (you didn’t, you were making more money than most 12-year-olds couldn’t dream of), but in earlier interviews you mentioned something about how your mother struggled to raise you being a single parent. That by itself, despite being a negative stereotype among our community, is why you identify with “the struggle”
  2. YOU ARE A CELEBRITY! There are ways to decline interviews that are way more respectable than what you did to Tyler, which was tasteless in my opinion and plenty other people, but let’s be real, if we can get an interview with Deelishis (check out our Facebook page), then there should not have been a problem with at least granting a phone interview that may have taken, at the very most, five minutes of your time, because you have demonstrated that you can take interviews. I’m not saying do every interview you get, but damn, to be a complete tool about denying interviews really makes you look bad.

Basically, Mr. Moss, you gotta do a lot better than what you’re doing. You gotta humble yourself because there aren’t gonna be too many times where a media conglomerate asks you for an interview, yet alone try to get some contact information to the people that represent YOU. Again, if you’re gonna decline, cool, but it’s the fashion that you did it that makes me question who you really are.

And furthermore, all jokes aside, YOU ARE BLACK. You may not have dealt with what a lot others have, but you have a platform to actually speak out on these things because you are a Black man who aren’t ignorant to what’s going on, but the refusal to address it and then denounce your ancestors is flat-out disrespectful and, as far as I’m concerned, a slap in the face to your loyal fans who follow you and have been since your first album came out

No need to try and send out an apology tweet because you’re knee-deep in the game now. But the music industry is not too keen on you right now, and it’s gonna take more than an apology to get us back. Embrace who you are and love who you are in your own skin, because the last thing we need is another hashtag on Twitter and you blatantly say “Oh well”….

Besides, would you want us to say that if any of this happened to you?


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