Rumor: Jaden Smith Is NOT Dead, Nor Did He Attempt Suicide


Source: Morning Ledger
Posted By: Tyler Beltz (Metro Rise Host)

Facebook and online is buzzing revolving around a rumor that is stating Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith committed suicide.

The rumors circled around via Facebook and included a photo with Jaden’s birth date and his supposed deceased date.  CNN was also used as a credible source to try and verify the rumor. RedHotChilliSauce.Press continued the rumor saying Jaden had committed suicide. I mean c’mon, who would really trust a website with that URL name?

The link was shared on Facebook and it was used to bait clickers to download apps such as ‘Smart Mobiles’, ‘Top Feeds’,  and ‘Gadgy Land’.
It’s been a trend lately, people creating celebrities fake deaths.

Rest easily, we can confirm that Jaden Smith is alive and doing-well ,he just celebrated his 18th birthday the beginning of last month (July), and according to his father, Jaden tricked his dad into eating at a restaurant where a glass of tequila is available. Shoot, we’ll drink Tequila with you any day of the week Jaden.

Jaden’s also currently active on social media and working with Kanye on his upcoming and highly anticipated birthday album.


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