Press Play: Bon Voyage, Shad Moss (And Don’t Come Back)

Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

Remember that one blog post about Shad Moss (you may or may not know him as Bow Wow, although he doesn’t want to be known by that name) where I expressed disappointment in how he’s been moving lately?

To give you a quick recap:

-Moss, who “claims” to not like interviews (even though there’s been several videos of him giving interviews to various outlets), declined an interview with us submitted by our very own Tyler Beltz. Not a big issue, as I pointed out, but it’s the way he handled it; on our side, we did our best at asking for one of his representatives to send us contact info on how we could go about interviewing him, and his response was simply “I don’t do interviews bruh”, which came off as being a dick.

-In that same week, he then denounced his African-American heritage by saying he didn’t identify with #BlackLivesMatter because, and I quote, “I haven’t been through those struggles others went through so I can’t identify…..” (No, really, look it up, it’s good stuff). He then clarifies that he isn’t “black”, but “mixed”…..I’m still trying to figure this out as well.

If that recap wasn’t good for you, then you’ll be delighted to know that he is in the news ONCE AGAIN, this time announcing his retirement from Hip-Hop and wanting to focus more on his acting career.

(In unrelated news, water is wet)

Allow me to be the first to say GOOD RIDDANCE!

Aside from your first two albums, a couple other singles in your later career, that collaboration with Omarion that was more of Omarion’s project than his, that one joint with Chris Brown, and…….well… haven’t really contributed much to the Rap game. Sure, you were Mr. 106 & Park and we can’t take that away from you. You have multiple Platinum hits in your arsenal and that can’t be taught. Your back catalogue speaks for itself. Your acting career was kinda rough (“Like Mike” wasn’t that good) but is starting to actually pick up and that’s good. But what rappers fail to realize is that, in a world where social media basically taken over our lives and most people have a shorter attention span than before (this is proven fact), what you’ve done lately really trumps everything else you’ve done, especially if what you’ve done lately is negative

Hence, the title of this blog post

And fine, lets just focus solely on his music; name me his last hit that actually got a decent amount of spins on the radio. Name me his last album or mixtape. Name me a song he’s put out recently that you genuinely enjoy listening to without hitting the Skip button, only to realize that you ran out of skips and  are therefore forced to listen to it. Tell me what he’s working on now

You can’t answer any of those questions and don’t worry, because I can’t either (not that I care anyway), and I don’t blame you for not knowing

Your lasting memory; telling us you don’t identify with #BlackLivesMatter

That’s how you’re going out

And I couldn’t be any happier. If this means no more nonsense from you, if this means you can focus on your family (which, by the way, if it wasn’t for your baby mom blasting you, we would have not known about), if this means you can do some other stuff that we won’t care about, then good, because we were tired of you in the past three years, we got tired of you now, and we still will be tired of you ten minutes from now. Your effort for staying relevant failed, and aside from your acting stint, I would’ve never guessed that you were still trying to put out an album (for what reason, I don’t know) before you called it quits. But guess what? If it’s anything but good enough to listen to, then you’ve proved all of your doubters right; that your self-centeredness was your eventual downfall, and despite the fact that I wish you well, honestly, we didn’t need this announcement

But we got it, and that’s that

Bon Voyage, Shad Moss

(And on behalf of all the DJs here, don’t come back)


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