Press Play: The Day I Stopped Caring


Posted By: Matt Hollidaye 

Dear Frank Ocean,


Now that I got that out of the way, let’s dive deep into this…

It has been years since Channel Orange was released to critical acclaim. We all loved his work. We all sang along to at least half of the album. We all packed his shows. We all requested his music on the radio. We sat and listened to ALL NINE MINUTES of “Pyramids” (ALL NINE MINUTES OF IT).

And then you announced last week that you were dropping your new album via Apple Music. Social media went nuts. New subscribers through Apple Music were by the truckloads. People literally stayed up ALL NIGHT Thursday just to hear the goodness that you were gonna put out,

And then 12:01 hit

And then…….nothing

“OK. Maybe it’ll drop in the morning”


It’s been a week

And still…..nothing

So… can imagine how pissed off a lot of people are

If you checked my Twitter recently (it’s @djmatthollidaye if you don’t follow me, very interesting tweets you’ll find there, trust me), one of my followers asked if anyone were still checking for his new album. My exact response, not word for word because I can’t remember it all to a T, was that I don’t care. I didn’t care last week. I don’t care now. I won’t care f he dropped it unexpectedly within the next week. I certainly won’t care if he dropped it at some point this year (he said November, but come on now, you did it once, you’ll do it again)

Bow Wow’s retirement was one of the top three things I don’t care about (I expressed that in an earlier blog). You can now add this to the top tier of the list.

Frank Ocean can drop his album AS I’M WRITING THIS. It can be nominated for hundreds of Grammy awards. It can win the Nobel Peace prize. It can cure AIDS. It can end world hunger. It can get the United States out of debt.

Guess who won’t care? 


DJ Matt Hollidaye


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