Press Play: The People vs. Kashdoll

kash doll 1.png
Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

This blog entry was supposed to have been about something completely different than what I’m about to cover in just a few minutes. Tyler and I were going back and forth messaging each other (typical bouncing off ideas and whatnot) and he requested a song to be featured in our #SongOfTheDay post we (try to) do every day. I then messaged him back and told him to be expecting a blog entry for #PressPlay later that day concerning Kesha.

You all remember Kesha, right? You know, the Pop/EDM/whatever singer who everyone trashed because she was “too edgy”, but her music was UNAVOIDABLE on radio from 2008 to about 2010-ish or so. The girl who went through it with former producer Dr. Luke in a very high-profile sexual harassment case but lost because SONY decided that, “Well, you’re under contract, so nothing else matters but you getting in the studio and making music” (basically telling her that she can’t break her contract and giving this bastard free reign to treat her however she wanted with no consequences. Don’t believe me? Look up #FreeKesha when you get a chance).

Well…..that blog is done……but something real major caught my attention that I had to postpone that one and do this one.

A little background information before I continue;

My first time meeting Kash Doll was in October 2014 at The Woodward (great place to go to whenever you get a chance; minus the bullshit, which comes with every club you go to, the atmosphere is something you gotta experience for yourself). She was performing live for a birthday party. I remember because I was in the DJ booth hanging out when it happened. Sadly, a fight broke out before she could continue BUT from what I did see, the energy in her performance was awesome.

I then met her again last year, again at The Woodward, for a concert she did during Hotter Than July weekend. I got a chance to have a brief conversation with her and she’s a real laid back person. Again, the conversation was short, BUT…..the vibe I got from her was just amazing and the people she hung out with were cool people as well.

That being out of the way, I need to address something with you real quick (if it doesn’t apply to you, then ignore this rant. But if it does, read this multiple times over until it resonates in your head):


There is way, way too much time on your hands to do something productive, or at least get into a hobby you enjoy, to see someone else doing something great, to see someone else doing what they love and just HATE on them for no valid reason other than jealousy (yes, I said it). It baffles me to see all the negative comments, all the jokes, all the “But she used to be a stripper” notes (which, by the way, really?), that one video where she got into a fight years ago…..I see ALL OF THAT…..and for what? Because she’s on the rise right now? Because she found something better than dancing on a pole for money? Because YOU are still stuck on whatever it is that you can’t seem to break out?

That last part especially!

I get it. We all are gonna have different opinions on everything. That’s life. But to be negative towards everything under the sun takes too much time, too much energy, and really does nothing for your cause. You have to have A SPECIAL KIND OF TALENT (and I don’t mean that in a nice way) to spend time downplaying someone else’s accomplishments when that energy could be used for….I don’t know…..something else besides sitting around commentating on someone else’s movements.

So for my sanity, please, you can do whatever you want, but PLEASE STOP WITH THE UNNECESSARY HATE and applaud someone for what they have got going for themselves. As the old saying go, “It cost $0.00 to show love to the next person”. Wouldn’t you rather have that than a huge bill of hate?


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