Press Play: Matt Hollidaye; a Retrospective (Part One)

Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

I’m Matt Hollidaye and music is the reason why I’m not selling drugs…


I personally would not know where I would be if, back in July 2012, I didn’t run across Virtual DJ, didn’t play around with it for hours (HOURS, because I was too intrigued by it), and actually get good at what the program was intended on doing; or back in August 2013 I took a chance and landed my very first public gig at a nightclub; or when I started my podcast series on Mixcloud (the link is on my Twitter page @djmatthollidaye if you wanna follow me).

(I literally just told you the base of what this post is about. Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention)

As the name of my blog post suggest, #PressPlay is about my very passion that keeps me going, even in my darkest hours when I don’t even feel like dealing with anyone (myself included), when I gotta ask why music is the way it is and how we can make it better, or (on a serious note) why more artists don’t speak out on social issues that’s shape shifting our world as we see it. It’s not some blog where I mail it in and say “Ok, here you go. Can I finish playing Call of Duty now?”, or something where I’m just rambling on about a given topic. No, my friends, THIS IS WHAT I EAT, SLEEP AND BREATHE ON A 25/8 BASIS. I live for music, the ins and outs, the psychology, the deep thoughts, and even the occasional “Can you just go away?” questions that maybe won’t get answers

But to know #PressPlay is to know the person behind it….

It is no coincidence that I’ve teamed up with my good friend Tyler Beltz in joining the Metro Rise conglomerate. We, just like you, have a voice, a talent to share with any and everyone who are willing to take part in this journey. We needed a platform to convey our message, even if it’s individuals coming together for a greater cause. We needed a space to speak for those who couldn’t, for those who can’t find the words to spread love and peace in a chaotic world.

My role, through the platform that I have been entrusted with, is through music, my sole passion, the reason why I get up in the morning and plow through numerous music blogs, Radio, Twitter, YouTube, and the like. It’s this medium that unites and connect me with everyone better than anything else (a shameless plug for my DJ mixes I have up and running as well, seriously check them out if you’d like). But it’s also my “safe haven” of sorts; the outside world don’t quite understand me and my mission statement, but thankfully I have people that do. Thankfully, I have Metro Rise, because without them, I seriously wouldn’t know what to do

That being said, I think I’ll also go ahead and let you know that I am in full support of the LGBT community.

Part of the reason why I started #PressPlay, part of the reason why the LGBT community have my full support, is because I don’t see people for their sexual orientation. I don’t see people through who they like or don’t like, what the latest fashion trend is, or whatever minuscule flavor of the month may be. I see everyone as one; we all have one thing in common if nothing else, and that music is THEE it factor in how it affects our mood. It doesn’t judge. It knows no sexual orientations. It knows no race. It is, through beats, lyrics, remixes, mash-ups, club nights, specialty shows, and whatever else I am missing…..UNITY.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is my missions statement. Hopefully, through Metro Rise, I can spread that message to you.

This is only Part One of a four-part “Meet the Editor” series I’m doing. Stay tuned for Part Two, which, by the way, will not be in order. There’s other blogs that I’m holding on to that have not been published yet so I’ll get those out the way first before anything, but buckle up and enjoy the ride, because it’s gonna be a great one.

Until then, it’s nice to meet you…


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