Press Play: Kesha Deserves Better / The Public Humiliation of Sony Music Group


Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

This post was originally supposed to have been posted weeks ago. It’s near and dear to me because I really love this artist (there’s only a few artists that I love severely) and considering everything she went through this past year alone, it was worth me commenting on it. However, the whole Kash Doll thing got in the way and, seeing that Detroit is my home town (even though I’m away for the time being……THAT WILL CHANGE before next Summer hits, you got my word on it), I had to mention something about it, especially seeing as how I met her personally and I know Vonte (you may all know him as Kash Ken Doll or something like that……I’m not exactly sure 100%) from spinning at The Woodward.

(Plus I have the whole “retrospective” series that started up with Part One in my last entry. Big thanks to everyone who read it, and rest assured Part Two is on its way, real soon)

Now back to the task at hand;

The representatives at Sony Music Group should be ashamed of themselves for a) allowing a perverted asshole such as Dr. Luke to STILL be on pay roll for what he did to one Kesha (you formerly knew her as Ke$ha, or that chick on Flo Rida’s song back then), not only hurting her career, but tarnishing her as well; and b) setting a nasty example of how labels should handle claims of sexual harassment, especially when the evidence is RIGHT THERE and indisputable, might I add

Allow me to explain;

Until recently, we have not heard any music from Kesha since her last single “Crazy Kids” back in 2011, and for what reason? Because there was a huge lawsuit being filed by her claiming some of the most foul things anyone could do to anyone, regardless of what their status is. Allegations of (basically) rape, forcing someone to stay on contract when they’re wanting out, deliberately delaying song releases, denying someone creative control over their content, telling someone that they can’t do anything without their presence all unfolded before our very eyes and it all came to light during a lengthy court hearing that not only exposed Dr. Luke, but also showed that major corporations only care about MONEY other than the HUMAN BEING bringing in the money (as evident by the lawsuit being thrown out in court, with a visible Kesha crying in court because this basically suggests that Dr. Luke could do whatever he wanted with her, and as long as she was under contract, there’s nothing she can do about it).

I’m not gonna bore you with the long court process, but my message is real simple to Sony (and a forewarning to any other company out there that decides it’s a good idea to treat women as objects instead of human beings); YOU HAD ONE JOB. ONE! The evidence was not in Dr. Luke’s favor here. It was obvious that, through the text messages, the emails, the coincidental delays of song releases, the unwanted hours in the studio where drugs and alcohol were present, he clearly violated Kesha and killed all momentum she had going into her third album. But instead of taking action against him, you force her to go through with her contract with someone she made obviously clear that she didn’t enjoy working with. That, ladies and gentlemen, is FOUL and as a genuine supporter of Kesha and everything she stands for, I’m not at all too happy with them. Women are just as important to this thing called life as are men; just because you have a position of power does not give you the right, or the privilege, to abuse that said power. It’s crazy how you single-handedly destroyed someone’s life, almost with no remorse, and instead of admitting that and vowing to never make that lapse of judgment again, you not only keep him on staff, but you force her into something she wanted out of BECAUSE OF WHAT SHE WAS EXPERIENCING

And to all the others who didn’t speak out, to the record labels who didn’t reach out in support, I offer you to look yourselves in the mirror and ask yourselves, “What would I have done if that was me?” Take your time with this answer, because there are multiple solutions to this, but the wrong answer will lead to irreplaceable damage that can’t be reversed by pandering to the audience. Remember, ladies and gentlemen; NO REALLY DOES MEAN NO, regardless of what title you may hold. Being “executive producer” does not entitle you to take advantage of an artist that gave her all in everything she did. Shame on you, Sony, for not taking the first step and showing that “We will NOT tolerate any form of manipulation from our staff”. Shame on Dr. Luke for the scummy person that you really are. And to everyone else, take this as a valuable lesson

Committing the act is horrendous. Not speaking out is just as bad. Turning a blind eye to it……

I’ll save that for another time.


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