Press Play: Feelings Gotta Get Hurt

Chris Brown And KAI At Fine Art Auctions Miami's Urban Art Week

Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

I like to start this off with something different

Today’s word of the day is “entitlement”.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines entitlement as “the fact of having a right to something; the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment”

Keep that in mind because it’s gonna tie in to what I’m about to say later on in this blog, but first, a bit of a backstory to why this blog exists (and why it’s titled the way it is)

By now, you’ve heard about the situation surrounding Chris Brown. To be brief; a woman by the name of Bailey (not gonna reveal full names here) was at his house at 3 AM. She was kicked out of the estate because of an altercation between her and some other people (the story goes that she was trying to stay longer and get close to him, but he was sleep and he wasn’t having that, so they told her to bounce). She then proceeds to call an Uber driver and then call the police, saying that Brown “pulled a gun to her head and threatened to shoot her if she didn’t leave”. This led to a standoff between Brown and the SWAT team, resulting in a duffle bag being thrown out the window (believed to carry guns and drugs), resulting in him being arrested, resulting in him being released on $250K bond.

Days later, as the investigation goes, it’s revealed that Bailey not only set this up (text messages revealed that she told someone that she’s gonna “set him up and take him down”, sent to another associate that had nothing to do with the altercation), but she was stripped of the title of Miss Universe for allegedly cheating in the contest (she refuses to relinquish this title), she called TMZ FIRST to give them a story (revealed by TMZ themselves), that she had active warrants for her arrest involving a robbery she participated in in New York, and that she was close associates with Brown’s ex-girlfriend and baby momma, who (if you recall) was furious over the fact that she was denied a case in which she was trying to get Brown to pay more in child support because “it wasn’t enough”.

Ultimately, the synopsis is this; she (the baby momma) felt she was due more money. She got denied. She then enlists Bailey to set Chris Brown up in a felony case. That failed. And now Bailey lost all credibility because nothing she says now is believable, on top of the baby momma losing credibility over a lost child support claim.

(At least that’s what it boils down to in my honest opinion)

Go back to the beginning of this blog and read that definition over again…

Here’s my point that’ll tie that in:


Yes. I get it. We all won’t let Chris Brown live down beating on Rihanna (we shouldn’t let anyone live down the fact that they beat a woman, which is understandably unacceptable). But he hasn’t done anything since; in fact, since he found out that he had a daughter, he cleaned up his act tremendously, so much so that nothing negative (until this false story) came from him for a while and he was making real good music. But this…..this selfish act of revenge……all because a judge said “We’re not gonna allow you to get more money out of this man, especially seeing that he’s taking care of his daughter more than you are”…..because YOU want more money because you had a baby by a celebrity and you think you’re “entitled” to his money…..

First and foremost, THAT IS FOUL!

Second, if you’re not doing anything for the kid, why should you get what this man worked hard for?

Third… have that much hate in your blood to throw this man in jail and have a felony charge on his records because of YOUR BITTERNESS?

Again, you aren’t entitled to anything,

I really wish people would leave Chris Brown alone if he’s not doing anything but focusing on his family and music (which is working well for him). If he hasn’t done anything negative to be newsworthy, then let that man do what he does best and let him live in peace. You setting him up for no apparent reason, knowing that your past demons (of which are still haunting you because again, you have active warrants in a different state) would come up (because we live in an age where information is found at a mind-numbing rate), was the lowest of the low.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time this happened, and this won’t be the last because as long as life keeps going, there’s always gonna be someone trying to tear someone down because they’re in a place where someone else is doing well and THEY CANNOT STAND IT so they do whatever they can to ruin them and everything they have.

I know, because I’ve been in those situations before.

(And I know I’m not the only one)

There’s so much more I wanna say about this, but I’ll end it there and say this; if for whatever reason you feel that you are owed anything, always remember that life has a funny way of reminding you that nothing will come to those who try to manipulate their way to whatever it is they want, at the expense of someone else and at the demise of a career.

If you knew better, you’d do better. But that’s asking for too much sadly.


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