Press Play: What Now?

Donald Trump Black & White.jpg

Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

I don’t know.

I really……really don’t know.

I thought I would have never seen the day where this would happen…..I thought it was all a joke……I thought this would all work itself out……I thought once November 9 comes this nightmare would be over and we can all move on with our lives

Well…’s November 9 (as of writing this)……and……

I don’t know…..

This was the most exhausting Presidential Election I have, or ever will be, a part of as an United States citizen, or (to go even deeper) as an African-American male. Two candidates- one who clearly prove that he does not care about anyone that is different from him, that is a racist, sexist, xenophobic, classist bigot who, let’s face it, openly promoted these beliefs without any fear of consequence whatsoever; the other who, aside from a major FBI investigation concerning classified emails, really didn’t have a solid plan for what she was gonna do to actually move the country forward- vying for our vote on a day that really defined and changed history (for whatever reason you may think it is, good or bad or even indifferent), doing whatever they can to convince us, the American people, that they deserve to represent our country as our leader for a minimum of four years…..who spent a large majority of their campaign trail bickering at each other about (literally) NOTHING…….

I’m glad it’s over with. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with this debacle anymore….

But at the cost of this?

I really don’t know…..

This is what I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and waited two whole hours for? Just to be told, basically, that there are people out there that clearly don’t care about our future, don’t want to make a difference (assuming you didn’t vote), and actually openly support (let’s just call it what it is) BIGOTRY?

I really don’t know…..

Here I am, at 2:20 in the morning, writing this blog post (a blog post that’s supposed to be a twist of irony, a satirical piece in the music world in which I, the person writing this, give my opinion about the music world in general, from its high points to its lowest, often with some form of sarcasm mixed in) about a Presidential Election that, if I can be blunt with you, left me in a mist of emotions, with FEAR sticking out as one of the biggest emotion I’m feeling. I saw it all unfold live and direct on CNN; the breakdowns, the projections, the alerts, the votes that actually were counted, how experts were predicting that it’ll come down to Michigan one all their votes were tallied up, up to he final minute…..

….only to find out that it really didn’t come down to votes, but a phone call offering one of the worst things you could possibly offer ever

A friendly quit

I don’t know……

But I do know one thing….

I am scared.

At a minimum of four years, my life, as well as countless others who just so happen to be in the minority, is in danger. Who knows what’s in store once January 20 gets here and the official swear-in take place. Who knows what uprising will occur from those who are oppressed, those who didn’t want this nightmare to become reality, those who feel they had no voice then and really doesn’t have one now. Who knows what kind of unpredictable chaos will emerge from those who supported Donald Trump (excuse me, PRESIDENT Donald Trump….THE FACT THAT THIS IS REALITY SCARES ME)

I don’t know. I really don’t know

But I do know one thing

I’m speechless

We knew this day was gonna come, but we didn’t know to what extent it would affect us. But now it’s there, in plain sight, right in front of us, no longer masking itself. By “it”, I’m referring to (in no particular order)..




Homophobic attitudes




No respect for women

No respect for immigrants (both legally and illegally)

A disregard for countless of people dying

There’s more I can say, but there’s not enough space in the world to describe it, nor are there enough words to even put in this blog

But to summarize everything….

I’m glad this is over

But for the first time in my life, I am scared

There’s no need to chastise anyone who didn’t vote. No need to wonder why people voted the way they did (they have their own reason and there’s no convincing them otherwise). No need to wonder if everyone’s vote counted or not. No need to second guess anything. All of that is unnecessary because at the end of the day, there’s really nothing to even validate anything that just transpired. I mean, we can try to find words to explain what happened, but it’s gonna be borderline impossible to do (at least for me, it’s borderline impossible….)

The only thing we can really do is just watch, because we are in for one hell of a joyride.

One that we don’t know what the destination will become if it.

One that I…….

……that’s the thing….

I don’t know…….

But I do know something

I am scared…


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