Press Play: Fuck You Kim Kardashian


Posted By: Matt Hollidaye

I was told growing up that “hate” is a strong word, so I’ll refrain from using it.

That being said….

I want the Kardashians to go away.

All of them.

Not in a sense of “death” (I don’t wish death on anyone), but in a sense of, if they were to disappear from the media, if the E! network cancels their show, I would be perfectly fine with that.

Especially Kim.

She’s the worst offender…

By now, you’ve all heard about Kanye West’s recent meltdown. If not, to be brief, a quick recap: his tour is cancelled. He verbally attacked Jay Z AND BeyoncĂ© for “not supporting his ideas”. He bashed Black people for not liking Donald Trump (I’m sorry, President-elect Donald Trump, although that’s still mind-boggling to say that). He said he would run for President in 2020. He was checked into a psychiatric hospital for depression and other things. He dyed his hair blonde (I’m still puzzled on that too). He met Donald Trump. And on, and on it goes

And what did Kim Kardashian do?

She wants a divorce.


I mean, come on now, this man, this man that is going through a meltdown (and it’s obvious that he’s going through it, anyone can tell you that), and you want a divorce? And for what? What is your damn reason as to why you want to divorce this man? Earlier this year you wrote a $51 million check to get this man out of debt, and now all of a sudden you want no parts of him? What the hell kind of loyalty is that?

NONE! That’s what…

I’ve always had this sneaky suspicion that all of the Kardashians were shady. History shows that every single last one of them can’t be trusted (see the incident with Khloe, if that’s how you spell it, and Lamar Odom), will only do anything for fame (see Kim and her sex tape), and are really only in it for money and fame (see the E! network, and remember when they had their own radio show?). But THIS…..correct me if I’m wrong, but marriage is an eternity thing. Once you pop the question, walk down the aisle to the alter, exchange vows, and say “I do”, you’re in this for life. “Till Death Do Us Part”…..THAT PART……not when you feel like it, not when you get bored, not when your significant other falls off and you can’t benefit from him/her anymore, TILL DEATH DO US PART.

Does that not mean anything?

Apparently not to Kim Kardashian!

I really hope these reports are just rumors. I wanna see them happy. They got two kids together; at this point, it ain’t about him or her, it’s about THE KIDS! Pride and ego gotta be put aside for the better, and if this is the breaking point for her to leave, then I don’t agree with it whatsoever. It’s just another Kardashian-like episode for them to put on TV for people to watch and whatever else they do.

On that note, with that being said…

Fuck you, Kim Kardashian.

You should’ve stuck with Ray J.


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