Sports: Former Detroit Lions Player Naked & Arrested? #WTFofTheDay



Source:Local 4 News
Posted By: Tyler Beltz (Metro Rise Host)

Former Detroit Lions defensive back, Stanley Wilson was arrested Sunday after police said they found him naked for the third time this year, while trying to break into a home in Woodburn, Oregon.

The Associated Press said Stanley Wilson II tried to force his way into a home and then proceeded to take off his clothes. Police said the homeowners were in their garage when Wilson drove up and started making alarming statements.

When the homeowners went inside, Wilson allegedly tried to get into the home from the front and back doors. Police arrived and Wilson walked out of a backyard shed without any clothes on.

Other law infractions include, back in June when Wilson was shot when he allegedly tried to break into a multimillion-dollar home in Portland. Deputies found Wilson naked in a water fountain in a homeowners backyard. He was taken into custody and to an area hospital. He suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Wilson was also arrested in January when he was found naked outside another home in Portland.

Wilson, 34, of Portland, played college football at Stanford and played cornerback for the Detroit Lions from 2005 -2007.



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