Detroit: Monica Conyers says she quit AM 910 Detroit, Despite claims radio station let her go

Monica Conyers

Source: Detroit Free Press
Posted By: Tyler B. (Metro Rise Host)

Chances are, you’ve seen the the station billboards through out the city with phrases such as “on fleek” and other sayings attracting mainly the African-American listening audience of Detroit & the Metro Detroit area.

AM 910 Detroit is also known for its selection of controversial hosts (on-air talent) and public figures.

The radio station released a statement today stating that former councilwoman Monica Conyers is no longer employed with the station due to violating corporate policy.  The memo, sent to company employees by CEO Kevin Adell, reads: “Effective immediately, Monica Conyers will no longer represent the Word Network in any capacity.  Her services as a vendor have been terminated for violation of corporate policy.”

Monica Conyers is denying the claims that the station fired her, saying she quit a few days ago and that executives got upset. According to Royal Oak Attorney Daniel Findling, one of the reasons Conyers quit was because the weekend radio gig interfered with her ability to make money elsewhere. He also noted that Monica has been trying to get her life back together and she volunteered her time at the station and wasn’t paid.

Metro Rise and I have reached out to Monica personally for her side of the story and requested an interview with her to clear the misunderstanding, however she hasn’t returned our request at this time. We’ll keep you guys posted! 

am 910 logo


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