Kehlani Tells Crowd ‘I Feel Crazy” & Cancels Grand Rapids Concert

Source: TMZ
Posted By: Tyler Beltz (Metro Rise Host)

22-year-old Kehlani Parrish brought her ‘Sweet, Sexy, Savage” tour to Grand Rapids Monday night, but the concert didn’t go on due to Kehlani’s extreme sleep deprivation and just being physically sick.

Kehlani came out onstage, dressed down and shared with her fans that she felt “crazy” and that she wasn’t able to perform and give them the show that they deserved due to her health.

Kehlani was in tears with her voice trembling as she promised fans she’d refund them out of her own pocket or reschedule.

Around 7:30 PT, Kehlani updated us saying she’s still very much sick, but she is going to be getting as much rest as possible today. ¬†Kehlani also shared that she loves her fans and Grand Rapids very much and that the promoter is allowing them to reschedule the show as early as the beginning of next month.

The singer posted another video update this morning on her Instagram further clearing up her emotional speech last night, saying she’s fine mentally and that she just needs one thing…rest.


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